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Vembu is a company that provides data backup and recovery solutions. Vembu's solutions are used to protect and rescue data in a variety of 
IT environments.
These solutions are suitable for a wide range of sizes and types of organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.


Vembu's solutions are user-friendly and include strong security and encryption features. It is also popular as a cost-effective solution.




Over the past 15 + years, Vembu has left a footprint around the world, and is trusted by several companies in various sectors, such as private, public, 
and government, to protect sensitive data.



Best Rated Software 




From SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, BDRSuite helps organizations protect sensitive data and ensure business continuity.








BDRSuite products provide a unified backup and recovery solution to protect virtual environments, physical servers, cloud, and SaaS data.
This solution is used to protect data and ensure business continuity in various IT environments.



BDRCloud is a cloud backup and recovery service that can be used in conjunction with BDRSuite to support safe archiving and recovery of data.
The BDRCloud service is used to securely back up and restore sensitive data to a cloud environment.