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At the same time that IT technology is advancing rapidly, cyber attacks are also evolving rapidly.
Cyber attacks come from unexpected places, so it's important to be prepared for them. 

However, as a result of a survey of domestic companies, only 14.4% of respondents said that they are "thoroughly prepared for ransomware." 
In 2020, 58.9% of all attempted attacks were victims, and 31.1% of all cyberattacks were victims.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud manages effective defense against these cyberattacks and data backup at the same time. 
It is a backup and security solution that can help you keep your data more secure.


Risk reduction

Increase profitability 

Cost savings

Keep all customer workloads secure with the next generation of cyber protection soluions 

 Increased monthly recurring sales

Reduce cyber protection costs by up to 50% 

 Integrated cyber protection, which fully detects your entire workload, minimizes security risks for your customers and takes advantage of unique features that aren't offered by your current security provider.

Enhance your security services and take the opportunity for easy up-selling and cross-selling with a single solution consisting of cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, file synchronization and sharing, and workload management. Integrated reporting helps prevent customer churn by notifying customers of cyber protection results. 

Instead of buying branch solutions from multiple vendors, you can consolidate your suppliers to reduce costs. Simplify management, improve workflow automation, and reduce the security risks posed by tool patch operations.