SOLME ECM 2023.09.11












Hello, this is KOSS! 


Information asset leakage incidents occur in a wide range of industries, not in a specific field.
Most of them are caused by malware such as ransomware or in-house personnel, resulting in information leakage problems. 
The damage alone is said to amount to an average of 50 trillion won per year.


If so, not only malicious leakage using technical vulnerabilities, but also the lack of a security system and the lack of user security awareness. 
Is there any way to prevent a spill in advance?



Solme ECM, a document centralization solution, can help prevent such incidents.


Currently, the cost and management difficulties continue to increase due to the separate business-specific systems established by the company, 
but the risk of external information leakage still exists.
95% of corporate information is exposed and stored on personal PCs and file servers, and users' awareness of information assets is still low.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish an integrated management system for all information assets produced in-house, 
and the possibility of information leakage must be eliminated.


By introducing a solution that blocks the possibility of external leakage of information assets and improves the work efficiency of internal users, document security and work convenience can be increased.








Solme ECM provides a convenient user interface environment that allows users to register directly from their PC to the ECM server via Windows Explorer or a web browser.










It provides lock function when editing documents and allows you to control the consistency and version of the data. 











Depending on your document access rights, you can move, copy, or delete selected documents, 
and you can discard or extend the use of expired documents.






You can block users from arbitrarily accessing the local drive area,
and you can control access to a limited area assigned to a secure drive.