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Hello, this is KOSS!



Many people use charts for reports and presentations, right?

It is a very cumbersome and difficult task to manually draw a chart after statizing the figures and results of the data every time. 
So, is there a chart program for excellent readability while increasing work efficiency? 

For those people, we introduce Steema's Teechart.

Steema has been an industry leader in providing product and technology solutions for developers around the world for 20 years.
Microsoft's Visual Studio, Office, and .NET, Delphi, Java, and PHP development platforms
Javascript-HTML5, Android, iOS, mobile platforms including Windows Phone, etc. 
It supports a variety of development environments.


Among them, Teechart is a chart creation program created by Steema.

The Teechart Pro library includes hundreds of 2D and 3D graph styles and unlimited axes for data visualization. 
It offers 30 pallet components and 56 math, statistics, and finance functions.



It also offers an editor that can be used by the majority of components and subcomponents, so you can put ease of use as an advantage.

Let's briefly introduce the features of each product.


































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