MERGE 2023.08.09


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Hello, this is KOSS!

Merge Cube is one of the educational and gaming platforms that utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology.
Merge Cube is a small cube-shaped object in the real world, designed to allow users to enjoy a variety of 
AR experiences by using it with a smartphone or tablet. These experiences are primarily utilized in education, gaming, and entertainment.


In modern times, VR/AR features continue to evolve and are used in many places.

Merge Cube allows students to observe and catch 3D objects through VR/AR.



Merge Cube allows you to observe and capture digital 3D objects, allowing you to learn and interact with the digital world in a whole new way.

Now students can explore galaxies with their palms, hold fossils and ancient artifacts, and explore DNA molecules.
You can also do a lot of things like investigating the Earth's core, dissecting virtual frogs, holding and sharing your own 3D creations.


Merge Cube is a simulation of 3D objects that students can touch, hold, and interact with 

Works with Merge EDU, a hands-on digital learning platform that helps you learn science and STEM effectively.


Merge EDU, used in classrooms, home and distance learning, helps children learn and explore in amazing new ways!