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As the PDF file format was designated as an international standard in July 2008, 
ISO, not company A, is in charge of all updates and development of the PDF file format.

Kofax Power PDF applies these international standards to provide cost savings and 
many other features that businesses need.

Kofax Power PDF provides everything you need to create, 
convert, edit, share and e-sign PDF files.

In addition, it provides convenience to personal and business users through a user-friendly Microsoft Office-style 
intuitive interface and serves as a complete PDF solution.

Kofax Power PDF works with Windows and Mac as well as mobile devices to support efficient work quickly and easily, regardless of device or platform.




Easy-to-use UI 

 Convenience of linkage

 perpetual license

 Power PDF provides MS Office style UI optimized for Window11 and Mac OS 12.0.


Create, edit, and convert PDF files from Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and JPGs and HTML. 


 All features in one purchase

Can be used permanently.



 Security with Encryption

Mobile Support 

Protect sensitive data and personal information by adding secure passwords and permissions.


Read, annotate, sign and share PDFs on Android and iOS




Apart form this, Kofax Power PDF offers new features to enhance your document management experience. 



SignDoc intergration 

Digital signatures can be handled seamlessly with the now and expanded SignDoc intergration

Securely sign documents without opening your browser and reduce exposure to vulnerabilities.




PDF/A-4 support

As the ISO Standard version of PDF, Power PDF5 supports the best PDF features.

PDF/A-4 ensures lossless functionality and includes backward compatibility for.



Fuzzy search

You can do a Google-like proximity search to find what you're looking for and more.

Detect typos and incomplete information to detect items that don't match your query.



Chrome extension

Also available in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Open a document in PowerPDF and load the PDF file currently in memory to 

Create PDFs from web pages and connect to email or existing docuemnt manament services.



Power PDF mobile app

Open digital docuemtns anywhere, or get instant access to a variety of powerful markup tools.

Easy navigation with built-in bookmarks and thumbnail view.

E-signature solutions allow you to sign and send docuemtns with custom profiles.


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