Software Distribution, Education, System Development, Maintenance & Consulting ESTsoft Enterprise Strategic Partner (Distributor)

We provide optimized solutions and services for your business and maximize the use of solutions and services through consulting and maintenance.

Software related HR dispatch & IT consulting, IT Education center operation, various service providing

We provide various solutions for office automation & IT training to help customers strengthen their capabilities for all the industries

onsulting & services for M&A in the field of Information & Technology

In the era of infinite competition, we provide management consulting and related services for enterprise new growth engine, business development, and competitiveness improvement

In a global solution market

KOrea Software Service(KOSS) always be with our customers

  • Improve business efficiency and productivity using secure and reliable solutions

  • Provide responsible customer support through post facto management

  • Provide solutions for office automation and customized IT education

ESTsoft Product Line ALTools

ALTools is an essential application program that helps you use your PC and mobile devices easier and more conveniently.


Business Software

Communication is Everything TeamUP is an integrated communication service for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides all the features required for cooperation, such as messenger, group feeds, and organization charts.

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Next Generation Document Centralization Secure disk prohibits to store the data on personal PCs. All the data is stored in a centralized file server. It is a file security solution.

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Cloud Storage for Secured Collaboration Internet disk is a web storage. It gives you a new method to manage all the data in virtual disk space. Web storage features such as critical data security, virus protection and backup.




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